Tired of visiting Durban and having to fight for Durban accommodation every vacation season? Perhaps try one of KwaZulu Natal’s other gems…

Umhlanga is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the KwaZulu-Natal coast; offering a variety of beach resorts and nature reserves to enjoy. It is situated north of Durban and it is well-known for its golden beaches, which stretch for more than 200 metres at a time. Umhlanga has the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, which is ideal for beach goers all year round and the average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

Umhlanga has a variety of upmarket shopping centres such as the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, which is located just off the N2, where you can enjoy cinemas, restaurants, and even shop for the latest Apple iPod touch. This is also the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. Here you can also visit the standing wave designed by Tony Hawk himself, DRex, which is very popular amongst the locals. Umhlanga is also home to various casinos, and is near to food and craft markets such as Essenwood and The Stables. Due to the stylish nature of the shopping malls and tourist attractions, many professional firms have set up offices in Umhlanga; boosting its economy and providing a variety of opportunities.

The iconic Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse

Another popular sighting is the Umhlanga lighthouse, which was built in 1954 and reaches a height of 21m. This landmark is made purely out of concrete and it acts as a guide to ships waiting to anchor. It is believed that if the red light can be seen by the ship, it might have dragged too close to the shore. This light flashes once every 20 seconds and can be visible from almost 25 miles at sea. The lighthouse was originally built to replace the older Bluff lighthouse.

Umhlanga has an excellent selection of hotels, self-catering apartments, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and lodges; offering visitors a variety of choices. Pricing also varies and is generally very affordable, with luxury accommodation and up-class entertainment available for all to enjoy. Golfers will appreciate the luxurious golf courses and accommodation that Umhlanga offers; with more than 11 locations in and around the city. Property for sale in Umhlanga Rocks is considered to be on the high end available in the region.

Umhlanga truly is the ideal location for holiday goers and residents alike; and it will definitely provide you with exciting entertainment and an enjoyable holiday spirit in a true South African style.

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